Tuesday, February 10, 2009

all the same

Mark looked at ashlin, ashlin looked at mark her eyes were filled with tears. Maybe not "filled with tears", she looked like the did that night at andys when jimmy zoom and the beytown grifters played their final show. There was such a feeling of fragility that night, as if a cup could fall out of someones hand and the whole room could collapse in on itself. Ashlin walked past me and it felt like an ending, she sat in the bathroom with two friends and looked so alone.

Mark turned around to James who stood in the corner of the room near the door with his guitar case packed, his composed attire sat awkwardly on a stiff body that wanted to leave more than anything else.

"Don't leave yet." Mark spoke in a quiet reserved voice; he had never wanted to let it come to this.

"I have to go." James picked up his guitar and placed his bicycle helmet on his head. Clicking the straps in place he said, "Don't forget you owe me eighty dollars."

He left the room.

Andy turned away, his dishevelled hair covering his face, covering a single, still tear. A tear still as a frozen droplet on a blade of morning grass. A tear like frost.

What did the Tigertones mean to you?
Who was the better band: Three-Point Turn or Tiger Tones?
What will you do now the tigertones have broken up?
Would the Tigertones have exploded in popularity like Yulia if they had agreed to play on the Good Morning show?
What does the yrgoldenage no. 2 album of year, Tigertones S/T, mean now the band has broken up, will it increase in value as a collectors item?

Assessing the tigertones legacy is a difficult task, as their passing is only a rumour, and their long-term impacts on the christchurch scene and "greater new zealand scene" can only be imagined. However, the necessity to eulogise the band that for a greater part of two years defined the Christchurch Sound and forged probably the most important phase of the Christchurch renaissance is evident so that they aren't forgotten.

Tiger tones are : sitting on a train through a disorientating foreign city in the morning/ disorientating images of a party that is both terrifying and badly rendered on youtube/ slow motion crystal images of young kids playing drums and singing and a solitary bass so alone

Tigertones are terrifyingly white, substrata middle class alienation, all disaffected and self aware, emerging from milky baths / magicians who can conjure musical instruments, costume changes and coloured paper, the real question is who is the illusion for? the audience? or themselves?

Tigertones were a really good band sometimes, and occasionally they weren't.

And now they are gone.


mark said...

Wait, so they broke up? p.s. amazing fan fiction

Jonathan Phillips said...

all i want to do is write fan fiction about bands, coming up next

a lil pics romance novel

mark removed johanna's (pronounced yo-hanna) brasierre, the bed felt moist as they rolled around together locked in an embrace that felt like it would never end. "i wish I could keep you" Johanna (pronounced Yo-hanna) softly moaned into Mark's ear, "under my bed". Mark came.

mark said...


jo said...

I give you an 8.2 - it's no animal collective but it's still pretty ok

Chris A said...

you could have will e in the corner throwing eggs at them; shouting at mark to reform mechano...

mark said...

"play a tokyo police club cover!"

jo said...

Sounds like you guys dont even need me there at all...