Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why the 31st of January was awful

  1. Normally reserved, famous Christchurch diva wearing revealing ensembles and being really super friendly. Pretty unnerving.
  2. Christchurchs favorite chemist publicly making-out with jetsetting junkie right in front of his (VERY RECENT) ex (ALSO-N**k H****e's ex)
  3. Amazing bro/friend getting snubbed.
  4. The gig screwing up in the first place so we were forced into this party.
  5. Beefy man with tatz and tan making his dessert whilst Mount PLez made it with the mic.
  6. ******* punching one Mt PLez member on the Jimmy Zoom dancefloor for having the audacity to try to salvage one final gig for his friends.
  7. Horrible bonfire that got smoke in my eyes. It looked like I was crying, actually, probably was.
  8. Creepy man with glasses sitting on armchair and not moving the whole night. Get moving bro.
  9. Christchurchs latest romance being torn apart due to Wellington commitments. You know, it isn't that hard to transfer universities.
  10. C******y M****n's mysterious absence. Just wanted to get confronted y'all.
  11. Weird super young/probably still in high school girls dancing awkwardly. Sweet scene debuts.
  12. E****a only showing up as we were leaving. Shit. Just want to get to know ya <3
  13. A**x showing up without R**s. Maybe he was working? Whatever the reason, pretty dissapointed.
  14. Uneven floorboards.
  15. N**k H****s celebrity appearance.
  16. B******'s super-affection overdrive, tussling other bloggers' hair like they were puppies. As if she'd never lashed out at one of the embattled bloggers one week earlier outside scary nightclub. Love and hate are emotions very close to one another in the brain. If given the choice, please choose detachment. Love/Hate are outdated emotions.
I think that everybody will agree that last nights party (the actual party, not the creepy party photography website) summed up the entire summer pretty well. University starts again in 3 weeks, I get the feeling the first day back isn't going to be full of any amazing song and dance routines about summer romances:

At least there has been plenty of sweet moral support this summer. Summer of incredible new friendships but not so much for romance. Probably going to spend the rest of the summer being bitter and amazing like my favourite Grease character, Rizzo. only without the unprotected sex/pregnancy. Just her sweet quotes.

Sandy: "He was sort of special"
Rizzo: "There aint no such thing"


micky22 said...

I guess what would be horrible is to be known in the "public arena" as the ex of NH, i'm sure these young ladies have done something of note, other than date some guy.
Though I guess if one is to "date" this young man then as a young lady the appeal may just be losing some of your identity, I wonder if there is a belt with a notch on it somewhere.
as they say the only thing worse than having a rep, is not having one.

TinTin said...

Will he.....?

Will he stop showing his B net (what was it for?) award to anyone who comes to his house?

Will he stop coming over his hair?
(we all know your bald)

Will he stop texting people at least 9 years younger than him 10 page texts.

Will he stop playing up his "junkie days" and all the drugs he takes.

Will he stop pretending he has lots of money? and super contracts? etc etc (its easy enough to find out the truth!)

Will he ever realise he is a creepy little man that will never be stephen merritt...

love yall!
p.s. There is not a belt but a photo album....(1 page for each girl)

Simone J. Gordon said...

Wow I never knew Tin Tin would be so scathing. What happened to all your adventures with Snowy? Never give up on the dream. What about the Soviets? Much more important than the goings on of Nick Harte.

Jonathan Phillips said...

wow, the scathing nick harte comments are pretty rad, i feel both micky and tin tin should both contribute a vitriolic filled post of loathing.

we can only dream of the day.

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micky22 said...

How scathing indeed, though i think my comment may have become more scathing in regards to our young reporter friend TinTin's post.
I have no hard feelings oh and the belt with the notch was in regards to the lovely ladies not NH.
Girls brag to their mates about their conquests too we don't all sit around planning our white weddings.