Monday, January 12, 2009

Street Flashion 2#

Lucy, 17

"never had any ostracism because of the way I dress"- Lucy, too young to know the difficulties of being alt in chch

Clothing by

Jeans by Just Jeans, Shoes by Chuck Taylor, Savemart, Sydenham Opshop

Fashion icon


Favourite band


"Lucy came to High Street Project when my band Mt. Pleasant played, for this her work clothes, all tatty and understated, casually thrown together with messy bed hair  and ironic use of japanese finger gestures are as warm and inviting as a favourite teeshirt. When we touched she felt like soft cotton." Jonathan "3 for $20 tees at hallensteins aye" Chillips

Fashion Options

Dont change yr fashion Lucy, but probably should invest in this rad teeshirt.

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