Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh hey, haven't blogged for ages, just been trying to enjoy the summer/ making music with my band and by myself/ listening to lots of african music because its really good, 

( i dont know if you have been to this website, its called Awesome Tapes From Africa, really really good vibez)

Theres so much I am optimistic about like new Valet album/ Lotus Plaza album, moving to Europe, raspberries being in season (seriously, you should go out and get some, like when Strawberries were like properly in season, not like right now, they have kinda lost some of their flavour), driving around the port hills for the huge icecreams in lyttleton for $2, my band, Mt Pleasant, playing Camp A Low Hum ( even though blink/the klap/most people have never heard us?), maybe this summer could be the best thing ever.

Police pull body out of Heathcote River
The Press | Friday, 09 January 2009

Christchurch police have lifted a body out of the Heathcote River.

The body was found in the river near Louisson Place in Opawa, southern Christchurch.
The Fire Service provided a cherry picker to help with the recovery and the body was removed from the river at about 2.20pm.
Neighbours said they had been concerned for some time about drug dealing and prostitution in the area.
Mallory Manning, a Christchurch prostitute, was beaten and dumped in the Avon River on December 18 and her murder remains unsolved.

Wait, wtf. This isnt like ruining my summer or anything, nothing can take away the cool feelings of late afternoon drinks at cartel/ hot pics of laura lees nye on facebook/ being able to walk around in shorts and not being called a fggt (or like only sometimes), but like when people keep getting murdered during this beautiful summer it, i dont know, its pretty horrible. 

Maybe its just like a "Woolston thing", you know, with all the "prostitution and drugs" in the area. (WTF! Woolston isn't just drugs and prostitutes... it is pretty depressing though) It is like really terrible that those prostitute murderer/s haven't been found either. I mean it is pretty depressing in christchurch, especially during the winter, and especially in woolston, but not that bad. Pretty thankful that there haven't been any scene murders yet btw, all the talk of scene violence/vengeance and texts on my phone from people made me kinda worried, not really. 

I dont know, it makes me kinda confused when someone kills someone when it is so beautiful and it is so perfect right now, I can't see how people would want to kill people anyway, but when it is like 33 degrees or whatever and you could be relaxing under a tree, playing guitar or reading or writing letters to friends or something, drinking bad sav. and enjoying life its, i dont know its too hot to think of something meaningful/important.

"Just want to tackle more serious issues than the creative stasis of the christchurch music scene/apathy of scenesters"  Jonathan "Chill"ips' 2k9 Mission Statement 


Anonymous said...

opawa, not coolston.

from the photo on stuff, guy in river was wearing chucks - possible altstream/malt/indiestream/maindie/indster/hipstream/cyborg altercation?

Jonathan Phillips said...

we should take back the night, malts/indsters of chch have had enough of scene violence

Anonymous said...

enough is enough. wanna make suits and have a march?

Darian James said...

Are you related to Martin "The Chills"'Chill"ips, of The Chills "Scene of 19k83" fame/caught-shoplifting-chocolate-bar fame/notoriety?

Joseph E. Harper said...

I think it was banana milk actually. No chocolate. Totes in authentic. Banana milk is the pansiest milk.