Friday, February 27, 2009

"How to Deal" in Christchurch

Christchurch is a small place, kinda hard to run away from your problems when there are constant reminders of heartache/angst/aggression wherever you look. I know this all too well, it's hard y'all. Especially at University, was just trying to join some authentic clubs like Young Acts/Pro Life/Classoc/Winesoc but then there are shitty reminders and so I go to class and the super deep lecturer will say something like "everything has a beginning, middle and an end. Especially relationships". Fuck. I've been thinking though, there are probably some pretty sweet escapist options:

1. Commence working out so you are in your prime for sweet scene aggression. Just beat up anybody who has hurt/annoyed you or made you cry. Is it still chill to be a pacifist? Who needs pacifism when you have a pair of these? I AM FOR REAL THESE ARE REAL SHOES FOR SALE AT #1 SHOE WAREHOUSE.

2. Just embrace pop culture and make cool "mainstream" playlists. Has irony gone too far when you are considering going to Summer Jam 2k9? Just want to see Miley Cyrus's bro ~in the flesh~.

Pretty much only listen to this playlist now. Tried to listen to Wavves but it was fucking shit. Just wanna listen to pop music that "gets me" and my sad feelings/bad vibes. "Is this the way it's meant to be, only dreaming that you're missing me, I'm waiting here at home, I go crazy, now you're gone" Now You're Gone - BASSHUNTER. Pretty authentic track of the now.

3. Just take the Neon Sleep route and pretend like jocks don't exist. (Kinda rude, I mean, bros just wanna have fun. Is that so wrong? Just wanna see what it's like outside of shooters/the strip. Since when was variety a crime?)

4. Embrace past hipster trends and wear a gem sweater everyday

Whenever you start to feel sad/angst about shitty things in Christchurch, just grab a gem and powerful vibes/feelings of euphoria will materialize from within. Dazzling vibes. Maybe wear a dreamcatcher as a necklace too? Spiritual people, give me all your advice/tips. WOAH SIDENOTE ALERT HOT GIG THIS WEEKEND HOLY FUCK (not the band, just real actual excited)!!!:

"Whether you're seeking information or inspiration,
inner peace or mental stimulation, or you’re just curious about what's out there, the Body Mind Spirit Festival invites you to revitalise your body, stimulate your mind, and pamper your soul..."

5. Leave the ghetto, move to Merivale. Seriously y'all. Maybe the best thing I have ever done. Nothing but good vibes in Merivale, kindof feeling a bit conflicted though. I don't know whether to embrace my lower class roots and stay true to Woolston or buy a Volkswagen Golf©? I live next door to St Margarets, watch the fancy cars line up down my street and almost gag on the stench of privilege. It's pretty thick y'all. Wish they knew what it was like to eat 6 month old cereal with water and to be told "kids, because we love you so much we don't want you to turn into consumers SO you're not going to get christmas presents this year. Our love is enough". If only love was enough for some people. Multiple loves. Am I being too vague? But yeah, living in Merivale, mostly always good vibes.

Um yeah anyway hope this post wasn't too lame buzz. Haven't written in awhile because things are a bit tricky right now and it's kind of easier to just stay off the internet because you just end up looking at peoples facebooks and it can be pretty heartbreaking if you catch my drift. BTW has anybody seen He's Just Not That Into You THE FILM yet? I saw it yesterday and it was pretty amazing apart from being late and walking into the theatre alone feeling like everybody was watching me fumble my way to my seat thinking "shame, look at that single loser. I bet she is trying to get tips on how to meet men. shame, shame, shame". They're probably right.

In conclusion, run away from your problems using my sweet methods. They work pretty well, trust me. I am living proof. Sorry, should this post have been more scene goss/less self indulgent drivel? Just trying to recover from the loss of Matt Mcauley y'all, can you blame me?


micky22 said...

On living in merivale; people like to steal your stuff when they think your upwardly mobile ie. some shit head stole my clothes while they were wet in the washing machine while having the moxy of leave me my panties, while I was at home in the house. people of merivale also like walking in drunk from the street and punching in your stereo. So renters beware. Other wise it's a jolly good place to live though I shall never forgive it for the wet clothes thing.

anja said...

1. my friend has a flat in merivale. it's pretty magical. i love merivale mall. now, if only somebody were to sum up the postmodern "glut" and regimented lifestyle symbolised by the self-referential ever-present land rover one finds parked in every driveway, in an outwardly interested, yet satirical, pop culture painting, it would sum up all my feelings for this suburb.

2. i loved the movie a whole lot. i had a good laugh. and "aww". and "ohh no he di'nt" at that cringe worthy office scene. but i really disliked the main character. gigi. shudder

3. all i can say is "eh eh"

Jonathan Phillips said...

wish i lived in merivale, rather than slumming it in mount pleasant

Chris A said...

best part of merivale is proximity to photo warehouse and the garage sale district (i.e. st albans - papanui); but being a bike-laden hipster sorts that out anyway; not exactly a hard commute from avonside through chch's 'rejuvenate' village (i.e. richmond).

Todd said...

I thought this post was going to give me sweet advise 'bout how to 'deal' in churchur. Like the 'new' shoes over telephone lines or the 'low down' on Purchas st. YOU FAILED ME. Guess I'll stick to selling tinnies from under my hat.

mattatat said...

simone: we=facebook friends. if you need me, just holla.

mark said...

She'll need a dollah to make you hollah, she gets paid to do the wild thang

Simone J. Gordon said...


Micky22 (michelle?): thanks for your advice. should probably stop leaving the door unlocked when i am down the road at burger king.

Anja: merivale mall, wow. what a place. actually only been there once and everything was expensive and no food court? were you in engl236 the other day by any chance? ;);) also i thought gigi was pretty cute and TBH her nutty behaviour kinda reminded me of my own nutty behavior when it comes to males. not even kidding! meet me sometime so we can listen to lady gaga okay.

Jonathan: mount pleasant is such a ghetto, i don't know how you get by it must be pretty difficult. ghetto gospel.

Chris A: never thought about the garage sales district but it probably involves getting up early, right? kind of can't be bothered eh.

Todd: Maybz Christchurch's favourite drug dealer should start his/her own blog?

Mattatat: R U 4 REAL? WHOA ;)

Mark: Fair enough

mufti said...

my grandma lives in fendalton and every time i come to christchurch the people at customs go "oh, you're staying in fendaaaalton." booooring.