Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mount Plzzzz Nu D-erection.

"We just dont want to be faggots anymore. Aye."

"We're sick of these faggy grooves. Aye."


Jonahan "Lil-Chill" Chillips, 2k9, Cook Strait.

Africa is was the new black, but now black has overtaken blacks as the new black.


Time to stop being GAY scenesters. Rip yr jeanz. Tease yr hair. FIX YOUR FUCKING FINGERS INTO THIS POSITION!

Mount Plez is leading you into a satanic wonderland with their nu aesthetic.

FARK! Awesome intro.

J. Chillips has recruited two new bros. Genuine bros. Not ironic at all bros.

Kahui type band members = AHEAD OF THE PACK.

Here's a link to the Mongrel Mob's bebo page. CHCH bands (I am looking at you Klappie Klapstars), do a lil networking and get yrself a bro. It's the future. Don't be an antique. Stop being gay. Any band that can't play Nothing Else Matters, isn't worth it. Straight up.

You may have to lose a few members if they aren't hard enough.

HUGE GOSSIP ALERT!!!!!!!!111!!!11!!?!?1&

Fellow bloggers/mt pleasurers are out. One was too much of a pussy. He got hard though

: O

Oh yeah. They eased their break-up pain by easing their "man-wedges" into many sweet babes at Camp A Low Hum. Sweet, sexy, sleeping bag vibez y'all.

"jst wanna get my bone on to heal the torn sinew of my heart. Massively." - Overheard 2k9, @ the family planning building in Wainuia-mastie.

He has now had intercourse more times than any other yrgoldenage blogger. Good shit bro. You'll be number one as long as a certain Mr. Harte doesn't start hittin the blog circuit.


NAh it's all gud aye. Heard he's rubbish.


If you were one of the sweet babes who sooth J.C. or Uncle W. over the weekend, send me a g-mail and I'll send you a sweet "I got jacked in by a YRGOLDENAGE blogger" t-shirt. CHOICE!


Jonathan Phillips said...

"just want more joe harper in my lyfe" j. chillips

jo said...

Um it's been over a week and I still haven't received my t shirt... Jonathan, my disappointment now is dwarfed only by my disappointment at the time.

Jonathan Phillips said...

I wasn't on form. I blame the so so modern extravaganza for making everything seem empty and vacuous, even our special night.

mark said...

I approve of this

jo said...
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