Thursday, February 26, 2009


Matthew McAuley, who has officially removed himself from YrGoldenAge, was a fine writer and a better friend. His singular work for YrGoldenAge has been removed as he had unveiled himself in front of an audience and feared the inevitable backlash.  His restlessly inquiring mind led him into many areas of gossip exploration and his work was characterised by a lightness of touch and a tone of wry amusement. For the past four months he was my friend and a constant source of inspiration.

A handsome, lean man with a fastidious dress sense, Matthew was ready to laugh at the world and himself when the occasion warranted. Yet he could discourse as knowledgeably on hip-hop as he could the relative merits of local hipster bands and gossip. His contribution to this website is undeniable, his presence propelled the blog into new heights of sincerity and signaled a movement away from the rigid gossip that characterized his single piece of writing for this web-blog.

He will be focusing, most probably on his university studies and band, BraiNZ, who are supporting Die!Die!Die! soon. We wish him the very best of luck

Matthew McAuley, 2k8-9, NVR FRGT.

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