Sunday, March 1, 2009


Feeling really anxious. Sitemeter's world map has revealed that the New Zealand government is watching yrgoldenage, monitoring? Kinda happy I never wrote that post about Steffie Key. It was going to be a good post, not in a "Lolita" way. 

New YrGoldenAge Mission Statement

No more insidious anti government tracts, no more anti John Key propaganda. Just keep it honest and direct, and "for the people".

Is this what we are paying our bureaucrats for, to sit around idly reading blogs?

Are they watching your blog?

Are they watching you?


mark said...

Is it true that you want to rape the daughters of prominent nz politicians? Cause I heard you want to do it so bad

Jonathan Phillips said...

people have also been spreading round rumours that laura lee and I had sex at camp. both of which I have to unfortunately deny.