Wednesday, March 25, 2009

with a heavy heart,

I am leaving CHCH, city of dreams. I bought my ticket three months ago. Honestly, like completely sincerely, been spending lots of days lately just walking around inner city CHCH looking at the buildings and people talking to each other in cafes. I felt like an "outsider" or something, there is so much to see in Christchurch I guess if you walk around and start noticing the way the buildings work together and form a "dialogue" with each other, or the way the autumn makes everything look different in the city.

I think CHCH is the best in the Autumn, how about you?

The Klap have made a new video. It is "objectively" shit, well at least the song is. I thought the video was pretty good, "objectively". I am being sincere. I mean I had to skip ahead for bits, and the song had to be muted. But yeah, I like the recording artist Tom Waits, do you? The Klap do too! Maybe you guys can become friends?

Has anyone else noticed that Christchurch has no good bands anymore?

Like serious decline. Like the roman empire, all decadence and hedonism and lead in the aquifers. On the television and in yr newspapers they talk about the recession, I hear a lot of talk about the recession.

There is no recession.

There is only the Klap.


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