Monday, March 2, 2009

more quotable quotes

This isn't actually a "local" quotable quote, does it make it any less "meaningful"?


I found it on the most important website on the internet, Pitchforkmedia, in their review of the new U2 album.

Important to note, as a sidenote for yrgoldenage contributor/scene royalty Darian J. Wood's recent topical post on racism, notice Irish rock royalty "The Edge" allowing himself to be photographed with an elderly asian lady.

QUOTE OF 1990, but still pretty relevant today

"You've got to balance being relevant and commenting on something that's happening today with trying to attain timelessness," The Edge, the guitarist, not the NZ Mainstream Radio Station

Pretty important sentiment not just for a platinum selling arena rock band, but also for yrgoldenage and maybe hipsters in the chch/NZ/eastern seaboard of the United States(thanks for reading Universtiy of Mass.)

yrgoldenage new aesthetic?


searching out yoko ono and getting photographed with her? hopefully she is in tokyo between april 9-11?

This next quote was actually quipped a very long time ago, so not only does it hint at handy tips instructing us how to attain timelessness, but probably 'transcends time' itself.

No legacy is so rich as honesty - William Shakespeare


George said...

Don't worry man, I don't think your readers know about HRO. You're in the clear.

mattatat said...

wtf is hro?

Jonathan Phillips said...

thanks george, I was really worried for a bit that people might recognize certain similarities and the whole edifice of yrgoldenage would come spiraling down.