Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thoughts from march

All this free time in Merivale without internet access has left me thinking about a lot of things. Is yrgoldenage dead? Should I have just majored in something "worthwhile" like Geology? Are you that desperate that you're willing to lower your standards that much? Is sitting in the U.S History section of the library an authentic place in which to blog from? Is post irony and new sincerity synonymous? Is Beyonces song "Halo" the best song ever written?

Seriously. So much going on y'all. But lets keep it scene gossipy. OK.
  • Should Thunderkitties and Da Klappiez fuse to create a super gang? Does Tim Moore know how to ride a skateboard/can your favourite thunderkitty change his/her life to fit into the Klappiez/Cartel lifestyle, ie becoming interested in: "cocktails, wine, cigars, beautiful women and imported beers". Oh yeah, don't worry guys, incase you were wondering what you can call your new gang, I suggest THUNDERKLAP? Works well, no?
  • Do Pig Out still exist? Is Marie Celeste maybe just a trademe model now? Pretty lucrative deal y'all
Actually apparently Pig Out have a new song but not actually listening to it, just focusing on thier new black/white/heather grey/navy blue aesthetic. And Kit Lawrences new hair do'.

Tipz4Kit: Maybz in your hair dye arrangment, you could organise the dye in a more ying yang formation? Embrace a more spiritual 90's mum aesthetic?

  • Has Mount Pleasant "gone viral" by showing up on secret file sharing hubs? Will I be banished to computer science nerd hell for posting a screenshot of this? JUST LOVE THE HUB SO BAD <3>

  • Did The Bang Echies expose themselves to a whole new audience by playing the Linwood block party? totez meant to go, but was kind of too busy being consumed by the Merivale lifestyle at Merivale Mall buying $14 (a piece) measuring spoons.

  • Is Eamonn the golden sun that shines bright on all things good?

  • Is putting a song on a playlist for a hot babe with lyrics like "I'm watching you and all the things you do" a bad idea? Should I try and loose my "deranged intense diva" reputation amongst hot babes?
But seriously, is this blog really dead? Did anybody see our minute mention by Chris Cudby in Real Groovy? omg celebzzz. Where do I go when yrgoldenage is truly dead forever? Do you think stuff.co.nz would hire any of us to write on thier shitty blog section? Sorry g2g y'allz. Academia calls.



Poms said...

Geology might have been a slightly better plan. There are only so many jobs that list authenticity as a key required skill. And National will cut most of them.

Allow anyone to post. It's probably not dead, but not everyone has a blog.

Grace Elizabeth said...

What's with the latest post being deleted!?

Darian James said...

it's back up. sometimes straight after i write a post i think, 'oh! i got a bit carried away' or 'i think i can do better.' then i edit it for a while and publish it again. sometimes we don't publish the posts again (see the absent first 20 yrgoldenage posts circa november 2008).

canterbury said...

hi darian,

when will your golden age publish in paper format?

perhaps start off with a best of collection?
perhaps with some un-edited versions of blogs, first drafts, really funny anecdotes, a section in the middle with colour photos - the only portion of the thing that is printed on gloss paper - , perhapscontributions from people who are influenced by your prose.

Darian James said...

we'll see how much cash we've reeled in from our FAT LOSS TIP OF THE DAY ads. how much does it cost to publish something on real paper?