Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lawrence Arabia has made a new album, it is called "Chant, Darling." I have listened to said album now ten times fully through. 

Lesson Learnt

Total Time of Album: 36.2 minutes

Amount of Guitar Solo Time on Album: 1.26 minutes

I don't know what Mr. James Milne learnt during his time in London/Port Chalmers/other places cited in press release where he recorded the album, but it clearly wasn't mean guitar solos. 

2 stars out of 5


Eletra said...

GOODBYE GRID CITY - A Tribute To Jonathan "Chillips" and Frances Cooper -

Going away present.
Love Eletra

Jonathan Phillips said...

this wasn't the critical response from enraged lawrence arabia fans that I was expecting, but eletra it seems yr reinvention into online film maker is probably the best scene transformation since daniel hewitt.

best wishes.

Jonathan O. Phillips

canterbury said...

hi eletra,

i didn't watch your video because it wasn't a hyperlink.

chapterone said...

sad sad very sad hahaha
living vicariously through others..?

what you're thinking said...

just to let you know - it wasn't me that made the video. i think that whoever did attached me to it as they didn't want their name connected to such an embarrassing attempt to try to be witty.

hope england goes well and good luck with everything,


PUTUT AGUS said...

nice blog... i hope we can be best friend!!! don't forget, visit me ok...

Jonathan Phillips said...

yeah I didn't think it was you eletra, hope everything goes well for you too.

mattatat said...

the bit about the kettle drum was pretty funny though.

Sarah said...

i think the important questions in this thread should be:

when will there be a SingStar® Indie?
will "The Beautiful Young Crew" make the cut?

Jonathan Phillips said...

i think the song that really gets stuck in my head is "apple pie bed", he seems to have a talent of creating these catchy little songs that have no emotional resonance, he is so divorced from what he is singing about. Even the songs explicitly about young love, like auckland CBD, he comes across as curiously distant, as if he doesn't really believe in any of it.

Joseph Ernest said...

Terrifically catchy though

Jonathan Phillips said...

but at what cost?

System said...

Honestly, why are people so fucked. If your going to do something like this at least own up to it. Even though it's not that big a deal. But don't "claim" yourself as another person. But over all. Ahha.
Guess we need something to do in chch.

Good Luck Jonathan!