Saturday, April 11, 2009


Is eating meat "wrong"? Are you a "fag" if you don't eat meat? What about veganism, in the words of David Klein, is it "all or nothing man"?

What are you going to do Eamonn! I am sorry that the "world of warble" blog draft doesn't really exist. Is it ethical to eat a Burger King salad burger?

Is this guy right or wrong?

Back to ethical dilemmas:

You would think that as a satirical collaborative website, this blog would have no/a tiny carbon footprint. You'd be wrong. If you only knew about all the car rides that have taken place in order for blogs to happen. Darian's Volkswagen Golf, assuming it is a V8, probably 2 litres plus. And what about Jonathan Phillips flying half across the world, just for repose? Assuming he flew in a Boeing 747, we're pretty much fucked.

"yrgoldenage = totz unethical" - Quote Ross "the poet" Brighton outside Lawcafe. (sidenote alert: best or worst cafe on campus? Personally, I prefer cafe 101, but, you know, so subjective. Cultural preferences are totes relative? I mean, not everybody enjoys a vegetarian samosa or a ham-and-cheese pinwheel...)

Is relaying gossip about people on a website unethical? Can one person suffering mild embarassment be justified if the website has a lot of hits/makes a lot of people happy? Are popular blogs more morally acceptable? Are blogs with few followers and not many hits immoral?

So many questions for the ages. Not really that "philosophical" though so can't really get that deep. I'm just a blogger y'all. I probably have more answers than chickybabes though:

And more answers than this bebo blogger:

But then again, I'm sick of the YGA team all having similar views. Lets shake things up with a new blogger, somebody to really "get you thinking". It could work really well or it could work out really horribly with the blog becoming too "political" and would totz loose touch with the gossip.

Just want to post "funny vids".

OH WELL, better "hit the hay" since I have work in 8 hours. Hate working for "the man", ust wish blogging was way more lucrative. Don't keep yourself awake at night with ethical dilemmas. Just get a Big Mac and relax with your girl/boy and put on a movie.


Little said...

lazy town lil john remix is old news, keep up kids.

Simone J. Gordon said...

well it has had just about 1 million views so i wasn't exactly expecting to become an internet hero with this "new and fresh" vid

Dialtone said...

I'm always right Simone, except for when I'm wrong. How PC is that fight scene video though!? You have an Asian woman who is best friends with a legless-African-wheelchair-bound man. They also both fight crime and have German as a common language. WHOAH.

richard m said...

uh, is that yr cousin on the far right "chickybabes" pic?

Simone J. Gordon said...

no it isn't but it does look a lot like tessa!