Sunday, December 7, 2008

miss u

i don't know if you guys got the facebook event invitation or anything (don't worry, even i was rejected at first, by a fellow controversial blogger and everything)

so yes, anyway, last friday there was this really great gig on at the wunderbar, filled with local talent and . shes pretty scary y'all, at one point i couldn't find my wallet and was damn sure that she had stolen it from my bag while i was chatting up various members of mount plez. found it later though, sorry  . i don't usually go to gigs for the music. this time was no exception. i could taste the taste of life at its most tender. yum. glad the exes all made it. luv people being able to just 'be friends' and maybe get a dry 'kiss on the cheek' at the end of the night, like 'friends'.

"best friends/for a while/she won't see him/he won't smile" - Mount Pleasant

maybz a bit of missing the good timez and lite desire but still happy to see yr boy/girl redefining themselves as their own person. glad there was no awkward hookups. the only lusty moments of the nite was musical adultery/lauralee 'making it' with the mic. (sidenote alert: lauralee: hot/not babe? not not-straight enough to know).

(This photo is pretty meaningful, who knows what secrets are unravelling behind those beautiful eyes, probably hot ones involving matt scoobie scobes - still can't believe they used to date y'all)

relationships are like o'lovelys records: kinda okay at first, but quickly disintegrate into dull ("but tight!") insipidity. maybz relationships are not really like o'lovelys records, but o'lovelys records are still like o'lovelys records. (still waiting for that third chord) [have you ever noticed how every o'lovelys/phc song only has two chords?] but nah, they're still pretty good aye, like, that lauralee chick is real nice and has a lot of drive to 'make[ing] it' in the music industry. she may be on good morning one day and maybz even get to have her stage name in capitals. (heard she trained with hayley westenra).

Sorry everyone, lets get back on track.

Breakups of late (all in bands on friday):

darian + woah nellie
probably the saddest breakup of the year. darian, what a tool. look at him flaunting his smooth moves/skin at the other hot event of the weekend (yrgoldenageIRL/exclusive). what look is he actually going for here? is he trying to like, challenge will macfarlane as our scenez resident
i-talian ?


simone j. gordon+ richy marks
tough times y'all. at least i am just embracing my new found freedom by being "on the prowl" 24/7 (not actually, thanks anyway though)

jon + rosa,
just hoping for another emotional post on his blog y'all.

will + jade
(not sure if they have broken up yet, whats with CHCH hipsters dating younger babes, its pretty much lolita (lolzlita?)

hope they can still make beautiful muzik ala PIGOUT/The Brunettes (Nick Heart is pretty sexy y'all), even though the relationship is dead, keep the muzik alive.

are there any couples left in christchurch? is it going to turn into some amazing scene orgy where everyone is fucking each other. thats what orgy means, like lots of people fucking each other in a room. cum and loose morals scattered all over somebody's bedroom.

talking of loose morals and cum everywhere,
just hope ashlin and james stay together, if they break up the scene might like self implode because everyone will be too busy fucking each other at their places.

All this thinking about relationships has made me reappraise my earlier analogy about relationships, maybz they arent like the olovez debut album (tho it still is pretty shit), maybz they are like CALOHUM - lots of shit bandz, but you have to at least sift through the shitty bands from the golden ones

Once you find it, hold onto that elusive dream.

"He wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy. His life had been confused and disordered since then, but if he could once return to a certain starting place and go over it all slowly, he could find out what that thing was." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

TOTZ AUTHENTIC "GATZ"BY REFERENCE. have you read the great gatsby? it pretty much is the CHCH scene, except with more money and more scene deaths.



Todd said...

So we have Tom and Daisy - does that make you Nick? Shouting across the lawn (146). Are you worth the whole damn bunch put together? Who in the churchur scene though is Doctor T.J. Eckleburg,with the electric blue eyes gazing down upon everything as god does? Give me meaning yrgoldenage, I've looked everywhere - and not even poet Ross could deliver.

Simone J. Gordon said...

hello todd! thanks for reading. if i am gatsby, then i cannot be worth the whole damn bunch put together, mark holland is! i will yell this to him across a lawn (or maybe a crowd of hipsters at a ~sweet gig~?) after hrh izzy runs over her husband's (who could this be? help?) mistress (eletra? tim moore?). I think those eyes of tj eckleberg will have to actually be the blog? watching everything? the valley of ashes can be the internet? poet ross sucks, he delivers nothing. i'm sure my other bloggers will also provide more to this explanation, since we've all done ENGL109 at some point!

mattatat said...

way too meta, y'all.
some of us went to rural schools.

mattatat said...

oh no wait, UNIVERSITY.
music student.

Jonathan Phillips said...

maybz simone was expecting too much from the chch muzik scene, its not easy finding the time to read pieces of american literature when there is sooo much happening out on the scene....authentic art gallery openingz/ listening to important and scene defining radio showz/ breaking up with gfs / deciding yr alt look for da summer - my pick = white short shorts with sufjan teez and sandals - JUST WANT TO BE PICKED UP BY CHILD PREDATORZ Y"ALL

also, the great gatsby is "pretty verbose"

Todd said...

I <3 yrgoldenage. You bring meaning to my alt life in the chch scene. ENGL109 sux its run by a bunch of mainstream professors who don't 'get it' when it comes to TGG and its authentic scene meaning. summer look = ironic use of winter look + politicool keffiyeh to show support for the palesceneian cause

Jonathan Phillips said...

its always tough in chch during the summer to pull of that ironicool winter look when the weather often resembles the winter, \\ just keeping it mainstream y'all, and talking about the weather. Between that and what school you went to, you can form the basis of a firm friendship with anyone in CHCH

Simone J. Gordon said...

engl109 professors totz don't "get it" at all, john newton, wtf, go read some more sylvia plath you big mainstream baby. patrick evans, however, he understands the deep scene meaning of TGG. he did grow up on mount pleasant/pleasure afterall yall.