Monday, December 8, 2008

male lolitas of the CHCH scene

hey, i don't know know if you guyz know/care about these young kidz called " joe from 1993"/"alex the owl" (pretty much the same person?), pretty sure they has been comprehensively covered by other important local blogs. Maybz writing about them on this blog gives them more a little more validity (maybz)/more exposure (definitely) or something, but yeah, whatever alternative world these kids occupies is pretty surreal.

Its pretty hard to gauge their "impact" on the scene as they can't get into the most meaningful local gigs= DA KLAPPIEZ, but one is at least memorable by sight for me and I have happy memories of trying to drown out his conversation with alt beatz/hearing him talking about hardcore muzik with some mainstream broz on the 3 Sumner/ seeing him getting picked up by his mum after an important Heath Ledger film in Sumner.

I don't actually know if this kid is alextheowl, or joefrom1993,

"not-not straight enough to know"- Simone J. Gordon

I just guessed. I think I might be wrong, but lil pic of Eamonn too touching to not post, that jumper is the stuff American Christmas movies/sexual fantasies are made of.

~SIDENOTE ALERT~ Are both of these alt-teens trying to be characters from the Home Alone Franchise?

Eamonn, maybz a cross between the I-talian and Jewish villains of "Home Alone 2. Lost in New York." (Did you guyz ever notice the way that both of them are heavily stereotyped depictions of ethnic minorities of New York, in comparison with the All American Culkin? Did it have an important formative influence on you?)

Thinking back, is that film really weird or what? Two older men trying to get their hands all over Macaulay Culkin? Trapping him in a house? No wonder Macauly never achieved anything post Home Alone, apart from a meaningful friendship with Michael Jackson and getting busted for marijuana possession in 2k7. You would too, if it happened to you.

That kid (striking resemblance to Alex/Joe) is probz now as washed up as Culkin. Is the Home Alone Franchise the worst thing to ever happen to child actors?

Kinda reminds me of Gatsby, (Thanks Simone for making Gatsby the most important book in the CHCH Scene)

"They were careless people, they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made" F.Scott Fitzgerald=Totz Meaningful

Sorry for getting sidetracked, Home Alone does that to you.

Anyway these kidz are pretty "entry level", seen (scene?) that one at a few meaningful local AA gigz/wearing important local bandz tees (are B!B!E! 2k8 Salmon Teeshirts from Craftlovefuck going to be really meaningful in twenty yearz "Yeah I was there when The Eche had a female singer, NVR FRGT Y'ALL") I guess they are just enjoying going out and living the underage dream of checking out bands and trying to define their own unique response to being alternative in CHCH.

I think maybz its more meaningful to make authentic muzik/craft art than blog posts, but then defining yr own alt scene based on youtube vids is clearly another important approach, you know, for the kidz increasingly disenchanted by bandz that are too cool for the all ages scene. Sometimes the enright house just isn't cool/meaningful enough, pretty sure the kids are spending all their time watching the "Pop Eats Pop" video on repeat, hoping that The Tiger Tones will play an all ages show.

BTW How come there aren't 18,000 ppl at The Tiger Tones gigs? If only Youtube was real life.

This kid is so huge its almost unbelievable, 3,976 subscribers (just for context, yrgoldenage had at our pinnacle two weeks ago, when our posts were more controversial/authentic, two subscribers) The Joefrom1993 is like ross "singer/model" heath's level of hotness big. He is OOK big, he even has his own forum. Don't know about Alex the Owl, probz just coasting on the success of his more authentic bff= like Warblez coasting off red panda executive links.

But unravelling the success of a young alt grappling with his sexuality/ being alt in chch, reveals some secrets probz best left unrevealed. Lets just say I had never, and definitely will never ever again, go on this website Milk Boys.

I was going to write a witty response or something, but its hard to type when you are this frightened. This is like when Da Klappies wanted to Ban-yo me in the face, except my whole skin is crawling. There are lots of weird blogs on the internet like this, filled with dudes/and maybz babez who love teenage boyz.

This is a small sample of the posts. This is just like ordinary guyz writing about their love of this kid. But it gets worse.

Unedited and directly quoted from Milk Boyz
Uncle Sidney says:
November 6th, 2008 at 04:07

"As I said on my blog. This Joe is just what he looks like. An immature playful little boy. Not a very nice boy either.

Is everyone so blinded by the fact that this is a male lolita that they’ll put up with ‘anything’ he does. Including leading us to believe he was in mortal danger for days. Then pretending that nothing happened. Now he gives you soft porn, and you drink it up, and wait for more.

We’ve all been, and are being played with. We’re being had by a child.

Hey I’m a boylover. I’ve seen this before.

This is not a good thing for either him or us."

I dont want to make a moral judgement here, I am inclined to reserve all judgements, its a matter of infinite hope. But I feel a little queasy. This whole saga takes a ridiculous personal turn, when a German dude facebooked me for weeks trying to get in contact with this guy.

You can share in meaningful conversations where he opens up to you about his appreciation of gay people. It was a crazy week of my life. Still dont really like going on facebook, just in case he asks me about my search for a penfriend for him. He is really desperate for one. And fifteen year old alt-teens who make confusing video blogs. I guess I just dont "get it"


james said...

18000 people don't turn up to tigertones gigs cuz they sucks. They like totz go round giving people the bash who don't agree with their altz world view. Seen it (no pun intended) myself at a recent alt party. The blonde monster lashed out for totz no reason, only cuz someone dissed his turquoise, big rimmed glasses. This is gossip you should be noting. Importz for the scene yo.

tiger tones said...

no way. the only thing we suck is cock