Sunday, December 7, 2008


hey, so its been like a really scary couple of weeks everyone. its been like that scene [like movie scene, not alt muzik scene lolz] in that movie "the shining", except like jack nicholson didn't actually come around to my house with an axe

and i guess I am not a woman or anything. But in its own way, commenting threatening messages on other ppls barely read blogs, is pretty much the same. Did you guyz see this on

(probz not aye, dont read aye, "waaay hard to read" - Mr. Matthew McD.I.C.K 2k8 )

Theres this comment by some local dude who didn't like the blog at all. i don't even know who this guy is, must be a really big fan of local scene celebrity eamonn or sumthing?

ed frampton
November 26, 2008 at 5:01 am

"im going to assault you with a weapon when i find out the name on your birth certificate,ed frampton"

This was pretty scary y'all, i think he really doesn't like me or something or the blog, i just dont know aye. This is nothing on what happened on da Mt Plez myspace.

This is a lil pic of a CHCH band called The Klap, i don't know if you guyz know them? Have you seen this video before they had "defined their personal brand",

That video is probably the best use of "Pirate Island Mini Golf" in any local scene muzik video - ( have you played that course?the hole in the cave with the hill is pretty impossible lolz) I dont know about you guyz but I kinda felt like they actually were pirates or sumthing. The way they have like raided their way onto the CHCH muzik scene, and into my heart with their sense of humour and banjo threats= pretty meaningful/important. Where were you when Da Klap won RounDUp2k8? How did you feel? Were you sharing "Poet Ross's" joy and happiness at being showered in coloured paper?


Is being showered by coloured paper an initiation ritual for Christchurch Royalty? Or is it just a reflection of the colourful personalities that make up the CHCH scene? I dont know aye, what do you guyz think?


this is a public message DA KLAPPIEZ sent to the MT PLEZ myspace:

1 Dec 2008 11:00 p.m. (Day before my bday y'all, i consider it like an early bday present from my fav. band in chch)

"looking forward to your authentically emotche show on friday. we're taking the vans out with the tig t's. who the fuck is this guy is gonna banj yo in the face... awesome!"

woah, intense y'all. I just wanted to raise awareness about important local bandz, and in return get sweet puns/threats? like "banj yo in the face" and vague attempts at imitation of HRO from the Klap - "...authentically", "emotche" - kinda confused at what this means aye, "...awesome"?

But yeah, brave jokes aside, feeling kinda worried y'all. Is my life going to end like a Guy Ritchie film/notable Klap Video ?

Are they going to bury me (in either backwards or fowards motion) in a disused lot in Woolston ? Am I "not going to be getting younger" © DA KLAPPIES 2008?

Just wonderin, Is that song maybe a reflection of the timeless quality of their music? Or is it maybz more about that they are growing up and are above petty scene disputes with minor scenesters who write satirical blogs about their band? Just want answers y'all)

Lets just say, I haven't been in cartel for a while. Kinda missing the place you know. They do these really amazing g & ts with cucumber, its also a great place for young romance on the scene. All i want in life is romance, and da klappies to release their debut album.


Mattatat said...

think emotche's like supes esoteric dance music, but hella deep.
like these dudes
<3 brokencyde

Chris A said...

cmon man get it right!; our songs only have ONE chord!