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YRGOLDENAGE hopes not to just raise awareness about important/meaningful scenesters/gossip but also focus on local music, because being alt in CHCH isn't just wearing expensive clothes from H & O/ cheap clothes from FRYMD CLTHNG WRHSE/ going to alt gallery openings/ drinking cask and having good times at alt parties, but its really about being "all about the music". For those impressed with the degree of self importance that this blog has bestowed upon itself, its not really about us, it has always been "about the muzik":

Dont let YGA define yr response to being alt in CHCH, comment on the blog and "get involved" in the scene.

"It’s not as underground as Wellington and not as pop as Auckland."---------------------Ross Herrick, manager of the Dux de Lux

Or make a band/blog/ something meaningful such as a :

  • clothing swapmeet
  • mixtape party- h8 the way Craftlovefuck tried to integrate this unsuccessfully
  • craftfair- <3>
  • bike adventure- only on pre 1980s bikes- nething else is "affected"
  • chch architectural history field tripz- "just checking out the Cecil Woods y'all"
  • kite flying party - "just want my life to be Rushmore"/let Wes Anderson define yr alt life - ages 16- 25.
  • something else that is alt and keut, but also meaningful. CHCH is full of alt opportunities waiting to be explored, CHOOSE.YR.OWN.ADVENTURE

However it is deeply important at the end of the year that local tastemakers define what music was meaningful/important that year because otherwise you might be kinda lost or something, aimlessly traversing the train-tracks of local musik:

"some lyrics about trains"- every The Eastern Song

"Clearly there is no shortage of talent - just a lack of information and knowledge"--------------------Jenna-Lea Philpott, Creative Industries Project Leader at the CDC

Probz, without the guidance of YGA, you would be just hitting up the new GLXY RCRDS store on Manchester Rd and picking albums randomly. Remember, not all local indie music is really good- "the decievers"/ tho most is.

10. Insurgents - All the Stupid Smiling Faces

And to think that this album almost never came about. The Insurgents played one final show 'for the fans' at the Media Club earlier in 2k8, not evening imagining in their wildest dreams that their performance would be heard by world-wide legend and owner of Failsafe Records, Rob Mayes. Mayes soon signed on the quartet for a big Record Deal. Been luvin' smiling stupidly to this opulent album of 'songz about gurlz'/'saving money'/'being rebellious'. Also, I lyke the backstory to Camille: that song is probz the "Gurl from da North Country " of the CHCH scene.

If you're traveling in the north country fair
Remember me to one who lives there
For she was once a true love of mine
---------------------------Bob Dylan

We were born alone and we will die alone too
------------Insurgentz/Mike 'The Streetz' Skinner

9. Clap Clap Riot - TV Knows Better

Glad to see CHCHers 'make good' in 'the big smoke'. Still preferrd when their name was Band Theft Auto. Lyke, remember that review in the Press where scene godmotherz Miriama McDonald/Vicki Anderson congratulated them not so much on their music, but that they were "probably the best-named band of the night".

Probably the best-named band of the night-----------------the press, 2k6

8. The Transistors - Brand New Suit

(too indie for an image)

Luv this one-minute one-track album. 7 inches of rawk 'n' roll but definitely also redefining how society defines the definition of 'album'. Because you don't need long songs to tour with the mint chicks------just whanau in high places.

7. Enright House - Six Acoustic Renditions

Epic, yet fragile. Much like the personality behind this masterwork. Maybz words spoil the purity of his Super-Soaker-reverberated guitars/toilet-paper artwork.

5. Dudley Benson - The Awakening


4. Bang Bang Echies- Debut E.P

Meaningful and profound music from CHCHs most important band, w/ art by NZ's foremost partypic entreprenuer's GF. Could go into more detailz, but yr heads would explode from how meta it all is.

Dirt in the water!/Dirt in the water!/Dirt in the water!/Dirt in teh water etc. etc.---------------------------The Bang Bang Echiez

3. Pop Hits City- Debut E.P

PHC have always been the most attractive bros/babe on the scene, their live show pretty much consists of pure sexual tension alone. That is sexual tension between me and Laura Lee. I have always felt a certain connection/intimacy with Laura. Maybe it is her eyes, or the way her hair softly falls on her face catching the glaring stage lights of the scene, but there has always been something powerful about the magnetism between Laura and me. It was pure, but here on their debut e.p, it has become something holy. Something religious.

2. TigerTones- Debut Album

The Tiger Tones look boldly into a future where their music redefines what it means to be alt/important in CHCH on the cover to their debut self titled album. Marky Mark (top right) defiantly stares at a future where every alt club/mainstream bar in CHCH/NZ is pumping out his thudding beatz and auto-tuned vocals, pervading everything with a dangerous glow, cascading like neon lights in the Chancery Lane. James T. Tones (top left) is worried, what will NZ make of their music? He grasps Ashlin T. Tones (bottom left), who doesn't really give a fuck. I wouldn't either if I had that amazing crevatte, I would probably just sit around all the time looking at it. Andy T. Tones (bottom right) , is so caught up in the moment and typography that it is all a little overwhelming for him.

I felt overwhelmed, maybe all CHCH is overwhelmed by this album, it is going to take at least another twenty years for its impact to really sink in.

Where were you when The Tiger Tones released their debut album?

1. O LOVEZ- Debut Album

Laura Lee Watson has many talents, just ask Matt Scobie, but songwriting is clearly her number one. There are sometimes hours that go by when I dont listen to this album/think about it, but when those hours pass I am always filled with a deep sense of regret/longing for her meaningful songs/vocal delivery and find myself playing it again and again, letting the buzzsaw synth riffs and "perfect mix of style, substance, tragedy and comedy" deeply impact me/make me never want to leave CHCH. Its hard to pinpoint a favourite song, each one is sufficed with so much meaning/authenticity/good times.

Positives of the album
  • Good for alt parties with alt babez who are just out for a "good time"
  • Good for introspective listening where the subtleties of Joe Sampson's guitar parts and Matt Scobie's inventive/powerful drumming combine to create something not solely defined by its influences but is truly authentic/meaningful.
  • Good for good vibes after purchasing for supporting local artists/being involved in the CHCH scene
  • Not long enough, (only nine tracks, even though the last track "Spacesuits"- incidentally also totally amazing, goes for 7.43 mins- just wanted it to keep going foreva)
  • No other negatives, it is really rad.


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yr no.1 band jst got tots moar authentic. Combining the talent of O LOVEZ (L lee) with PHC (freaw//tim) and pez frm the Bang Bang Echies//The Good Guys = pure authentic win?
only time will tell ya'll, maybe pez will find what joe//lee//chris couldn't find. That 3rd chord.