Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why the 31st of January was awful

  1. Normally reserved, famous Christchurch diva wearing revealing ensembles and being really super friendly. Pretty unnerving.
  2. Christchurchs favorite chemist publicly making-out with jetsetting junkie right in front of his (VERY RECENT) ex (ALSO-N**k H****e's ex)
  3. Amazing bro/friend getting snubbed.
  4. The gig screwing up in the first place so we were forced into this party.
  5. Beefy man with tatz and tan making his dessert whilst Mount PLez made it with the mic.
  6. ******* punching one Mt PLez member on the Jimmy Zoom dancefloor for having the audacity to try to salvage one final gig for his friends.
  7. Horrible bonfire that got smoke in my eyes. It looked like I was crying, actually, probably was.
  8. Creepy man with glasses sitting on armchair and not moving the whole night. Get moving bro.
  9. Christchurchs latest romance being torn apart due to Wellington commitments. You know, it isn't that hard to transfer universities.
  10. C******y M****n's mysterious absence. Just wanted to get confronted y'all.
  11. Weird super young/probably still in high school girls dancing awkwardly. Sweet scene debuts.
  12. E****a only showing up as we were leaving. Shit. Just want to get to know ya <3
  13. A**x showing up without R**s. Maybe he was working? Whatever the reason, pretty dissapointed.
  14. Uneven floorboards.
  15. N**k H****s celebrity appearance.
  16. B******'s super-affection overdrive, tussling other bloggers' hair like they were puppies. As if she'd never lashed out at one of the embattled bloggers one week earlier outside scary nightclub. Love and hate are emotions very close to one another in the brain. If given the choice, please choose detachment. Love/Hate are outdated emotions.
I think that everybody will agree that last nights party (the actual party, not the creepy party photography website) summed up the entire summer pretty well. University starts again in 3 weeks, I get the feeling the first day back isn't going to be full of any amazing song and dance routines about summer romances:

At least there has been plenty of sweet moral support this summer. Summer of incredible new friendships but not so much for romance. Probably going to spend the rest of the summer being bitter and amazing like my favourite Grease character, Rizzo. only without the unprotected sex/pregnancy. Just her sweet quotes.

Sandy: "He was sort of special"
Rizzo: "There aint no such thing"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Street Flashion 2#

Lucy, 17

"never had any ostracism because of the way I dress"- Lucy, too young to know the difficulties of being alt in chch

Clothing by

Jeans by Just Jeans, Shoes by Chuck Taylor, Savemart, Sydenham Opshop

Fashion icon


Favourite band


"Lucy came to High Street Project when my band Mt. Pleasant played, for this her work clothes, all tatty and understated, casually thrown together with messy bed hair  and ironic use of japanese finger gestures are as warm and inviting as a favourite teeshirt. When we touched she felt like soft cotton." Jonathan "3 for $20 tees at hallensteins aye" Chillips

Fashion Options

Dont change yr fashion Lucy, but probably should invest in this rad teeshirt.

Street Flashion 1#


Clothing by

Time and Time Again Opshop, St Martins, Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Fashion idols

Doesn't need any as she is defining her own personal style.

Favourite band

The Klap. 

"I love how the colour of her black leggings match the gloomy urban streetscape of inner city Christchurch, it may be summer but black is still the king of colours for hot alt babes "its all white here." Loving her "Wh-ethnic" Chic Bag (White Ethnic)
/ early nineties mother off to town to do some shopping, maybe get the latest tracey chapman record" Simone "J" Gordon

Possible Fashion Options

All of the below

Saturday, January 10, 2009



Special advice post from your favourite christchurch babez LIVE FROM WOOLSTON:

Where the hell did ameba go? Just want to get some authentic low down/Charlie Mans0n threads hey eh. Is there anything so bad about that?


Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh hey, haven't blogged for ages, just been trying to enjoy the summer/ making music with my band and by myself/ listening to lots of african music because its really good, 

( i dont know if you have been to this website, its called Awesome Tapes From Africa, really really good vibez)

Theres so much I am optimistic about like new Valet album/ Lotus Plaza album, moving to Europe, raspberries being in season (seriously, you should go out and get some, like when Strawberries were like properly in season, not like right now, they have kinda lost some of their flavour), driving around the port hills for the huge icecreams in lyttleton for $2, my band, Mt Pleasant, playing Camp A Low Hum ( even though blink/the klap/most people have never heard us?), maybe this summer could be the best thing ever.

Police pull body out of Heathcote River
The Press | Friday, 09 January 2009

Christchurch police have lifted a body out of the Heathcote River.

The body was found in the river near Louisson Place in Opawa, southern Christchurch.
The Fire Service provided a cherry picker to help with the recovery and the body was removed from the river at about 2.20pm.
Neighbours said they had been concerned for some time about drug dealing and prostitution in the area.
Mallory Manning, a Christchurch prostitute, was beaten and dumped in the Avon River on December 18 and her murder remains unsolved.

Wait, wtf. This isnt like ruining my summer or anything, nothing can take away the cool feelings of late afternoon drinks at cartel/ hot pics of laura lees nye on facebook/ being able to walk around in shorts and not being called a fggt (or like only sometimes), but like when people keep getting murdered during this beautiful summer it, i dont know, its pretty horrible. 

Maybe its just like a "Woolston thing", you know, with all the "prostitution and drugs" in the area. (WTF! Woolston isn't just drugs and prostitutes... it is pretty depressing though) It is like really terrible that those prostitute murderer/s haven't been found either. I mean it is pretty depressing in christchurch, especially during the winter, and especially in woolston, but not that bad. Pretty thankful that there haven't been any scene murders yet btw, all the talk of scene violence/vengeance and texts on my phone from people made me kinda worried, not really. 

I dont know, it makes me kinda confused when someone kills someone when it is so beautiful and it is so perfect right now, I can't see how people would want to kill people anyway, but when it is like 33 degrees or whatever and you could be relaxing under a tree, playing guitar or reading or writing letters to friends or something, drinking bad sav. and enjoying life its, i dont know its too hot to think of something meaningful/important.

"Just want to tackle more serious issues than the creative stasis of the christchurch music scene/apathy of scenesters"  Jonathan "Chill"ips' 2k9 Mission Statement 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sunday, January 4, 2009


Am I the only yrgoldenage blogger left? Or is it just the holiday season that has made the gang disappear? Is this whole amazing blog entirely under my control now? Since it's 2009, perhaps this blog can undergo a whole new direction. Maybz dating advice for all the single Christchurch babez out there. 2008 was a big year for many hearts, it is a new year, time for some new years resolutions: NO MORE SCENE BREAKUPS. Just want true love for everybody. What better way to bring everybody together and inspire all of yr heartz than to use my new found blogging power? I know a lot y'all. Know why?

Because I have read this book five times. Yes, FIVE times. Totz not ashamed to admit it. embracing it y'all. It has some pretty amazing advice, some of my favorite passages are:

"Being lonely, being alone for many people, sucks. I get it, I get it, I "get it". But still I have to say that, yes, my true belief is that being with somebody who makes you feel shitty or doesn't honor the person you are, is worse."

"I know. Every two weeks, once a month, seeing somebody, having a little love and affection may help you get through the day or week or month- but will it help you get through a whole lifetime?"

"No matter how powerful and real your feelings may be for someone, if that person cannot fully and honestly return them and therefore actively love you back, these feelings mean nothing."

Shit y'all. So touching. Great book, not as nearly as important to my heart as The Great Gatzby [SIDENOTE ALERT: If Gatsby read "He's Just Not That Into You" would he have pursued Daisy for as long as he did? The book totz recommends ditching babes who are married. Not matter how awful thier spouse is!] but it is still a wee bit important to my heart. Can "He's Just Not That Into You" be an important book to the Christchurch scene? Absolutely not. It is predominantly written for middle aged BIOLOGICAL CLOCK TICKIN women living it up in New York City who, instead of putting t-tonez or o-lovez on thier top albums of '08 don't even have any to albums to put because they only listen to old jazz or something. UGH! Slutz.

What we all need is the "S/He's Just Not That Into You: CHRISTCHURCH EDITION"

Get it. Love it.

With such a small pool of babez in Christchurch who "get it", we have probably all found ourselves at some stage in our lives where we have had to settle for company of somebody who just isn't quite perfect. I mean, they're still amazing but there is a big chunk of their personality/style/face that just is not quite right and that you wish you could trade in. "He's Just Not That Into You" seems pretty adamant that you need to GET RID OF EM if there is something slightly wrong with them. Well, that's all good if you live in NEW YORK CITY [population: 1 billion] but CHRISTCHURCH [population: 72?? idk help me census] probz just have to take what you can get. So, if you have a luv interest whom is 75% INCREDIBLE, hold on to them tightly. In Christchurch, totz don't always get this luxury:

[Fairground Attraction, never 4get. Pride of Scotland 4ever]

Learn to love/deal with that 25% of awfulness. Come to terms with their interest in musicals/their bad posture/love of sexist jokes or worse, lack of a sense of humor/attachment to bad late 90's, early 2000's hairstylez/ difficulties in letting go of the music they listened to when they were 15. It's hard y'all. I'm still listening to Blood Brothers and this morning had a MOMENT whilst listening to this:

[pretty meaningful song ~wait they don't love you like i love you~]


LOVE getting nostalgic, feels like I am 15 again, doing NCEA/downloading songs one at a time on limewire via 56k dialup. who was the first person you knew to get broadband? I remember going to my friends house in 2k4 and we went on her computer to download some keut songs we saw on C4's INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

[whoa sidenote x 1trilli
on, remember that show? Camilla was such a fag but also pretty keut. Wonder what she is doing now?I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU CAMILLA]

um yeah anyway, enough of getting sidetracked. But it's so easy. anyway, so my friend had broadband back in 2k4 and it was incredible. For one moment the future was right in front of me. glowing. pulsating. Like Camillas face.

Alright, lets get back to love. Finding love in Christchurch. Lets just stick with the WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY/HOW:

1. WHO: Anybody with a pulse. Nah, jokes. I think that we have pretty much already touched on this. Christchurch is a small pool of talent so take what you can get and hold on to it. Learn to love the flawz.

2. WHAT: What to look out for: When you are playing the field/on the prowl, you are sure to meet your fair share of jerks/sluts. Don't worry about them breaking your heart when you thought that perhaps you had a good thing going, just be glad that they are out of your life before they really got the chance to do some damage and be even gladder that you are not wasting your time with them so you can focus on the next babe in the pool of talent. sooooo many.

3. WHEN: Anytime is pick-up central. Maybe not in the morning if s/he is an alcoholic, in which case, you probably shouldn't try to tap dat. You don't want a drunk ~honey~ throwing up in your bed. If it does get to the point where they are vomiting in your bed, they're most likely not that into you.

4. WHERE: I don't know about you guys but, tutorials? Pretty romantic. It's a good way to get somebodies name so you can find their facebook. Also a great way to discuss ~hot intellectual topix~ so you can gauge how clever they are. ALSO you can discuss grades and when they beat you be all "Oh you!! You're so smart!!" and give them a gentle tap on the arm. Maybe even take it a bit further, "Wow, since you are so clever maybe you can help me out with the next essay? Come around to my house and I will make you dinner then we can work away ALL NIGHT LONG". If they say no, they're probably not that into you. I mean, would you turn down an offer like that from somebody whose form you were totally warm for? Hell no.

5. WHY: Why does everybody need to find romance? Because the scene needs love. True love will find you in the end.

6. HOW: Alright, this is cheesy. But, just be yourself and don't feel the need to act awkward or shy because somebody in Christchurch is bound to love at least 75% of you. Somebody is waiting for you and the two of you will find each other or maybe you already know one another and only time will tell before romance blossoms! If you are finding that this summer is the summer of heartbreak and rejection, don't get too cut up about it. You'll probably never get over it but you just have to embrace it and build from it. LIVE IT/LEARN IT/LOVE IT.


Two small pieces of advice though:

  • Don't ever ever ever let anybody reject you twice. Don't let them break your heart then come back because they've been out sniffing around only to find that the single life isn't as sexy and pulsating with loose morals and cum. It's not that they're into you, it's just that they're not so into being alone. stay strong brother/sister.
  • Hate to act like an awkward parent but STAY SAFE Y'ALL. The scene doesn't need any scene pregnancies or scene STI outbreaks. Where were you when STD became STI? Being a slut is an infection, not a disease.