Monday, December 15, 2008

superceleb hits city

there are ordinary celebs [frase, kit lawrence, shea bermingham, zach doney etc. etc.] but then there are things called supercelebs. these are people who have become famous in the scenesphere for actually doing something interesting and also for spawning imitations.

only four people ever heard a Lawrence & the Arabias album, but all of them started a band-----------------Brian Eno

James Milne is one of these supercelebs. [supercelebs are allowed capitalized initials.] .

. . and word on the street is that James Milne of Lawrence & the Arabias is in CHCH. on facebook chat, controversial blogger/prowler, Simone J. Gordon said, 'i saw him at the bus exchange.' turns out Simone's prowling skillz wilted at a crucial moment, as, despite possessing yrgoldenage official camera, the disposable FUNCAM, she failed to document the moment on film.

now we're dying like the ants drowning slowly in a sink of summer dishes-----------L. Arabia

remember when James was a 19-year-old guitarist for a sweet fusion hard rock band kinda lykke that other sweet fusion hard rock band, the tadpoles. centre-man mistakenly chose outfit n tryna look half-man/half-tadpole?


Q:How did you get here?
A:Through the back door.

Q:Can you linger a little longer?----------the tadpoles


anyway. here's some pix to help you remember about seeing "JAMES'S OLD BAND AT THE JETSET" circa 2k0.


Jonathan Phillips said...

Iron Maiden= totz authentic

Audrex said...

soz dude but just to be a dick - the name of that band was Tadpole; as in the singular and (in my humble opinion) a tad less lame (but far less logical) than The Tadpoles... the 12yr old fan inside me was crying at the slur x

mattatat said...

my, darian, isn't your face red after THAT blunder?

Darian James said...

aw. i always get band names wrong :(

jo said...

I still like you darian